A full list of the current committee can be found on the officers page.

Committee meetings are held monthly & usual the first or second Tuesday of the month.

If you would like something added to the next meetings agenda please send the details in writing to the club secretary.


Minutes from previous meetings & the agenda for the next meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

26th August                              Minutes

4th August                               Minutes

22nd April                               Minutes

27th March                             Minutes

6th March                              Minutes

13th February                         Minutes

14th January 2014                    Minutes

5th November 2013               not available

8th October 2013                     Minutes

21st September 2013 a.g.m       Minutes

August                                  not available

30th April 2013                        Minutes

2nd April 2013                      not available

5th March 2013                        Minutes

5th February 2013                    Minutes

8th January 2013                      Minutes

13th November 2012                 Minutes 

2nd October 2012                     Minutes

4th September 2012                 Minutes

10th July 2012                         Minutes

12th June 2012                        Minutes  

15th May 2012                         Minutes

24th April 2012                        Minutes 

 3rd April 2012                        Minutes  

6th March 2012                        Minutes

7th February 2012                    Minutes           

10th January 2012                    Minutes           

8th November 2011                  Minutes   

11th October 2011                   Minutes   

10th September 2011               Minutes