who got lucky? 


Your chance to win money every month & help raise Club funds.

Half the proceeds go to the club and the half in the prize fund. Cost is just £2 a month.

Draws take place the first Saturday of the month.

Want to get involved and have the chance to be next month’s winner???

Ask friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues or why not even have a second entry yourself!!!

Download your entry form HERE to be included in the next draw.

If you would like to pay by standing order just fill the form in & return it to the club & we will do the rest. Easy!


Previous winners
2016 August N.Butler
  July N.Alcazar
  June J.Holt
  May M.Jolliffe
  April S.Jordan
  March J.Driscoll
  February A.Whittingham
  January C.Gajic
2015 December J.Holt
November N.Cure
  October A.Whittingham
  September Rollover
  August C.Gajic
  July J.Pearson
  June N.Butler
  May C.Gajic
  April E.Pearson
  March N.Alcazar
  February S.Maycock
  January W.Griffiths
2014 December A.Whittingham
  November A.Gajic
  October A.Whittingham
September C.Jolliffe
  August W.Griffiths
  July S.Jordan
June S.Maycock
  May J.Hopwood
  April C.Jolliffe
  March E.Pearson
February J.Pearson
  January W.Griffiths
2013 December C.Gajic
  November N.Alcazar
  October N.Cure
  September S.Maycock
  August A.Griffiths
  July J.Milward
  June S.Maycock
  May J.Hopwood
  April J.Milward
  March A.Griffiths
  February J.Hopwood
  January J.Pearson
2012 December N.Cure
  November N.Cure
  October N.Alcazar
  September S.Maycock
  August N.Alcazar
  July C.King
  June N.Cure
  May R.Mayo
  April A.Milward
  March Z.Blake
  February N.Alcazar
  January Z.Blake
2011 December S.Jordan
  November S.Thomas
October A.Gajic
  September A.Whittingham
  August A.Whittingham
July M.Forward
June S.Maycock
May C.King
April J.Hopwood
March C.Jolliffe
February A.Gajic
January J.Milward
2010 December C.Gajic